• Giovanni Lou

Basic Poker Strategies for Beginners for Playing Crypto or Fiat Tournaments

Learning to play poker can be fun and exciting. Then you start playing with new people and suddenly you start to realize that it's difficult to win now. The truth is, poker goes deep - way past the misconception that it's just gambling. If you look into the biggest tournaments around the world including the WSOP (World Series of Poker) you'll notice the same people place "in the money" that is, the top places that win prizes. Tough to do if it's a gambling coin flip. In my experience, playing poker with crypto is slightly more difficult than playing for cash. So the first place to start demystifying the game of poker let's start with the basics - starting hands. It's surprising playing a tournament and hearing some in frustration admit they forgot which hands beat the others. But you're here reading this, meaning you're smarter than that so give yourself a pat on the back!

Once you familiarize yourself with the hand ranks, then you're off to the races! Knowing what to look out for is a crucial part of the game. Since there are flushes, and straights, and full houses there are wide varieties of strong and weak hands once the first three cards hit the table. Of course, if people that find the price is cheap to enter the poker game, they may play crazy with any two cards. When playing poker online with crypto, it's interesting how many people are earning interest for staking or farming on their tokens or coins, allowing them to simply buy into tournaments from the interest they've earned much like bank that earns interest in a savings account but the interest rates in crypto beat traditional banks so badly it makes banks look like a joke.

Keep in mind that people may have different reasons for playing a certain way and that some people have no rational thought about their strategy - they just want the thrill. Playing poker online (crypto or cash) is different from playing live. Playing live gives you a lot more information e.g. body language, voice tonality, timing differences and so on. Playing online may hide some things but not all. Online poker seems to still show sudden differences in betting sizes, thinking time, and hand ranges they played all the way to the end of the river. Players start from playing poker online and switch to live and vice versa. Knowing how to play both well is the mark of a pro. So now that we're past the starting hands and some psychology, you are standing on a solid foundation to begin the road to becoming a poker shark and consistent winner. A great place to start with little risk is at Green-chart.com/poker on Fridays with free entry and a chance to win Green Chart Tokens. In the next article we will discuss the setup of poker games and first round of betting action. Learn how to approach the winning streak with smart decisions from the very beginning and soon with some practice, you'll be on your way to stacking chips!

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